Making the model field not required for products

So far at all the products have been downloadable ones. I haven’t therefor found it necessary to use the model field, I did think about using it for version numbers but decided against it.

OpenCart holds the model field in high regard and so it must be filled in…I didnt really think about why I just thought it was a pain, so I set about making it a non-required field.

There is two admin files to change, which I did using vqmod. It worked fantastically, no more model field required. What I didn’t anticipate was what other things in the admin this could effect. Perhaps there is a reason it is a required field?

Well there is! If you don’t fill out the model field for your products and then visit Reports->Products->Purchased you will or should I say you wont see all the products you have been selling in there. This is because OpenCart uses the model field to pull in the information for the above report. Oh dear. Not to worry a quick change of the sql query will sort it out. For easiness I’ve created a vqmod with everything you need, just upload it to your vqmod/xml/ directory:

Download the vqmod here

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