New Banner Group Module Launched

So after working on a client’s OpenCart website I was reminded about how inflexible the banner system is. What I had to do was simply add three banners in a row on the homepage. I had experienced this issue before but got around the issue by using the Welcome Text Module. On this store however I had used my Welcome Text Module which changes the default module into a cool drop down job!

You would think this would already be in the core as so many stores display banners like this but the banner system actually acts like a slideshow. To me this is a bit weird since a slideshow module already exists. I cant quite wrap my head around the logic behind having to similar functions.

Facing the problem again was good in a way as it forced me to think about the system and come up with a solution. So I wrote the Banner Group Module which allows you to add up to 6 banners in a row. I figured 6 was enough and its really designed to be used in the top and bottom module areas. Using it in the sidebars would be pointless as you could just use the existing banner system for that.

Banner Group links into the existing system but does not overwrite the standard functions so you can use it alongside your existing banners. There is also the facility to style the banners a bit with padding.

I also added a sort order feature as this function is not standard. The sort feature also works for all your other banners so its really 2 mods in 1. Well I hope you find it useful!


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