Chrome Cart, a new OpenCart theme

A truely unique OpenCart theme it boasts an original responsive design. No other OpenCart theme is quite like it.

The nature of the build was pretty complex to achieve a beautifully simple design. It seemed like every change we made created some unwanted alteration somewhere else. The layout definitely proved a tricky one to get right but now its done.

The striking feature of this theme has to be the MEGA grid with product image carousel. You can see a similarly styled grid on Google’s chrome store but it’s never been done in an OpenCart theme until now! The fixed left category menu is also a great feature, it’s always in view and has its own scroll bar if required. This fixed menu is great for those with lots of top level categories, it vanishes in small screens to allow for the responsive drop down menu.

A very different theme to give your store that original and classy look!

We hope you like it: Chrome Cart OpenCart Theme Demo

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