Dynamic Grid – New Mod Launched

So the beginning of February saw me vowing to expatiate the number of OpenCart themes for sale here at The1Path.com.

Naturally here is a new mod! Sigh, yes I know so much for the themes right but wait. I had been conceptualising about what kind of themes to make, I have a wee list and around the top are some ideas with different styles of product grids. Naturally I started to investigate these funky layouts, I stumbled upon masonry.

It is described as a cascading grid layout library and after looking at some of the example it worked beautifully. Whilst testing it out with OC Bootstrap Pro I decided it could be turned into a neat OpenCart Module!

Well here it is, please check out the demo and look at all 8 animation effects.



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  1. thepath

    I meant to mention that it is completely responsive and reorders itself when the browser shrinks. So if you are looking for a Pinterest style product grid then look no further.

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