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✔ For OpenCart 1.5.6.*, 1.5.5.*, 1.5.4.*, 1.5.3.*, 1.5.2.*
✔ VQMOD, no core files over written
✔ Create and display as many dynamic grids as you want

Create a cool dynamic product grid like eBay and Pinterest use. Only this ones better as you can choose from 8 CSS animation loading effects.

We thought Pinterest has an excellent grid display and then saw it on eBays home page too. Well if its good enough for them then its good enough for all the OpenCarters out there. So we set to work to build the best dynamic grid module there is for Opencart.

Dynamic Grid uses Bootstrap 3 styling, which means its totally responsive. Dont worry if you dont have a Bootstrap theme as all the necessary CSS is included, if you are running a Bootstrap 3 theme then you can disable the pre-packed CSS from the module admin. Neat huh!

Dynamic Grid is totally responsive, the grid adapts and re-arranges itself when the screen size changes (as long as you have a responsive theme).


Choose from 8 cool loading effects, watch your products spin and jump into place. All transitions are CSS too.

Bootstrap Styling:
We decided to use the awesome styling from our OC Bootstrap theme for the grid. If your theme already runs Bootstrap 3 dont worry, you can select not to include the packaged CSS

Set Title:
Set the title for each of your grids.

Product Select:
Select products by Category, with Autocomplete or automatically include your Latest and Special products, just choose how many you want in there.

Categories & Manufacturer:
Display a grid on selected category or manufacturer pages.

Limit Products:
Limit the number of products to show in each grid

Enable each grid individually and even between certain dates

Multiple Grids:
Make as many grids as you want, put them in different layouts and pages.


​Check out the demo here

Dynamic Grid v1 v1.5.2, v1.5.2.1, v1.5.3, v1.5.3.1, v1.5.4, v1.5.4.1, v1.5.5.1, v1.5.6, v1.5.6.1, v1.5.6.2

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