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✔ For OpenCart 1.5.6.*,1.5.5.*,1.5.4.*,1.5.3.*, 1.5.2.* 
✔ Uses the existing OC banner system
✔ Place them any where on the site (modular)
✔ VQmod ready but not essential as full manual instructions are included

Have you ever wanted to display your banners in a row across your homepage (or any page)? Loads of ecommerce sites do it to display important information about sales, products or delivery options. With Banner Group you can display up to 6 banner images in a row across your page. It adjust the images automatically to fit. You can even add padding to the images from the modules admin. A sort order is also added to ever banner even ones not used by Banner Group so this is really two mods in one! Banner Group uses the inbuilt OpenCart banner system but dont worry you can still use the native way of displaying banners, this mod just gives you even more control over your display!

Main Features:

✯ Adds a sort option to all banners on your store
​✯ Display up to 6 banners in a row
✯ Add padding to the banner images


Go Here: Banner Group Demo

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